I offer content editing for fiction, short stories, and autobiographies. I also offer copy editing and proof-reading for most writing projects.

Are you a lawyer? In addition to these services, I am happy to help you edit your legal briefs and journal articles. This does not include checking your citations, but I can give you a fresh perspective on the persuasiveness of your arguments and how easy the piece is to read. A fair warning: I am an advocate of plain English writing in the legal arena. You can make legal arguments that are clear, concise, and very persuasive, and that are also easily understood by lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

If you are in Toastmasters, I'd be happy to review your next speech before you deliver it. If you have an important presentation to give, I will review it with you to be sure it is well laid out and easy for you to present.

Do you need help organizing a large written project? It just so happens that I am very good at organizing large amounts of information into useful summaries and easy to navigate subsections.

Email me at and tell me about your project. We can chat about how I can help you with it!